2020 Ward 5 ANC Endorsements

This year Ward 5 for All reached out to every ANC candidate running in our Ward (using the publicly-available emails they provided on their BOE paperwork) to ask a series of questions related to housing, transportation, local business and safety.

We are extremely grateful to the 20 candidates who took the time to complete the questionnaire. You can download their full responses here.

Based on those responses, as well as other available information about the candidates, we are excited to endorse the following candidates in contested races:

Note: There are still many candidates for whom there is little public information, this post reflects the endorsements we can make at this time, but will be updated as more information is available.

As a reminder, you can lookup your ANC Single-Member District by address here.

Contested Races

More information needed

We endorse Gordon-Andrew Fletcher

We endorse Steven Reaves Couper

More information needed

We endorse Michael Triebwasser

More information needed

More information needed.

More information needed.

We endorse Sean Barry

We endorse Sydelle Moore

We endorse Marina Budimir

More information needed

We endorse Michael Kaercher

More information needed

More information needed

We endorse Dianne Barnes

We endorse Sally Hobaugh

2 thoughts on “2020 Ward 5 ANC Endorsements”

  1. I really don’t think Gordon Andrew-Fletcher deserves this endorsement. Just because a candidate answers a questionnaire doesn’t mean they should be endorsed, he has done basically nothing to calm traffic going down South Dakota – a highway going through a residential area that desperately needs speed cameras and traffic calming through his SMD, where there is nearly constant speeding and it people completely ignore traffic laws. Additionally, the traffic camera he referenced on Farragut was actually on Gallatin, was installed facing the incorrect direction, and also is no longer there.

  2. It seems like the bar is set low for endorsing ANCs in Ward 5. I agree with the previous response, “Just because someone answer questions isn’t enough to endorse anyone.” What about the constituents? What if 90 percent of residents disagree and say someone else’s the best candidate? Would your endorsement have more power? Shouldn’t the voters have a say? Isn’t that why we vote? Twenty ANC’s responded to your questions, probably because the others are actively putting in the work. Shouldn’t we empower voters in DC and Ward five, give them the leverage over the election? At least twenty-five different groups send out questionnaires asking ANC candidates to complete so they can decide based on random bias questions who to endorse. If only these individuals or groups scrutinize candidates running for paid positions like they do ANC Commissioners who aren’t paid. Who have you endorsed out of the 24 candidates running for Councilmember-At-Large???

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