ANC5E Letter of Opposition to Capital Bikeshare Station and Support For Alternate Location

Below is the letter of opposition that was passed by ANC 5E at their June 18, 2019 meeting. Authored by ANC 5E04 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney, and passed by a vote of 7-2, the letter outlines concerns about the proposed location at N. Capitol and R St NE and encourages DDOT to choose an alternate location to the South in the median between Lincoln Rd and N. Capitol.

The letter displayed here is the draft presented at the outset of the meeting. A friendly amendment from Commissioner Bertha Holliday (5E07) was accepted, adding “And Support of Alternate Location” to the title. That change has been reflected here in pen.

ANC5E Letter of Opposition to Bikeshare Location

160+ Neighbors Sign Petition Supporting Bikeshare Station at N. Capitol and R St NE

Over 160 neighbors signed a petition in support of a new Capital Bikeshare station in Eckington at the SE corner of North Capitol St and R St NE.

The petition came in response to the announcement of a letter of opposition to the station from ANC 5E04 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney (but before the text of the letter was public).

The petition includes the following statement of support for the location:

This new station will be a great resource for the neighborhood, filling a gap in the bikeshare network near us, providing more bikes during the high-demand morning commute and a dock close to current and future local businesses on North Capitol. The station will also help with neighborhood safety by activating that empty block and providing more “eyes on the street.”…[it] will not impact on-street parking nor will it impede pedestrian access. The sidewalk is extremely large, and the station would occupy only a third of the available width.


ANC 5E01
Edward Garnett
Christopher Mrstik

ANC 5E03
Matthew Huisman
Ashley Ashworth
Francis McFadden
Aaron Johnson
Katherine Lahnstein
Morgan Van Dunk
Robert Boyer
Lyndsi Sitcov
David Corey
Anja Baum
Zohra Wafi
Matt Haggerty
Ona Florrs
Rich Holcomb
Ryan Miller
William Dick
Andrew Erickson
Mike Burns
Ben Vipond
John Rich
Michael Aiello
Ryan Salmon
Jeffrey Clincy
Sara McGanity
William Reckley
Keith Krosinsky
Peter Krupa
Paulo Couto

ANC 5E04
Ori Scherr
Uzma Wahhab
Benjamin Williams
Shahrzad Grami
Jennifer McKeever
Greg Carter
Hanna Abdalla
Jessica Yurcheshen
Hugh Youngblood
Amanda Stefano
Mahshid Khavari
John Naber
David De La O
Caterina Fava
Marisa Sterling-Abram
Colleen Eubanks
Laura Aragon
Sutton Meagher
Alex Mitchell
Andrea Hart
Scott Yurcheshen
Jeff Miccolis
Thomas Lee
Trey Johnston
David Perkins
Adam Young
Stephanie J. Tatham
Hamiyyet Bilgi
John Mataya
Sandrine Boukerche
Salman Banaei
Philip Tizzani
Crystal Stanford
Rachel Clark
Conor Shaw
Brice Lang
Cynthia Cox
William Gowin
Lindsay Gardner
Hollis Luzecky
Angela Landry
Arvin Ganesan
Adam Duffy
Shelley Vinyard
Andre Sanabia
Victoria Bosselman
Nick Sementelli

ANC 5E05
Gerardo Muskus
Gautier Valognes
Tom Yost
Adam Taylor
Drew Gorman
Nathan Hamme
Matthew Wibbenmeyer
Brian McEntee
Melissa Desai
Patricia Nelson
Nikolaus Schnermann
Lily Roberts

ANC 5E06
David Solomon
Amanda Cowley
David Wolfendale
Patrick Sanders
Cynthia Wesley
Josh Behsudi
Liz Ducey
Jonathan Ayers
Dennis O’Reilly
Kaylee Boalt
Daniel Ranostaj
Sara Melillo
William Kuehnle
Cassandra Many
Ben Levine
Louisa Marion
Moira Mclaughlin
Kristin Frontiera
Jonathan Beam
Andrew Campbell
Stephen Szibler
Joe Sandman
Sam Chavis

ANC 5E07
Stephen Hobson
Josh DeMoss
Timothy Kirby
Stavros Hilaris
Jenna Goins
Daniel Markham
Eric Schultz
Ceridwen Cherry
Jessica McBroom
David Levine
Derik Doughty
Jeffrey Morrow
Preetha Iyengar
Brian Smith
Cyrus Chimento
Wilma Mui

ANC 5E08
Andrew Dupuy
Cat Nguyen
Marti Flacks
Walter Tersch
Rick Bright
Huma Ali
Jennifer Chang
Erica Bickford
Joseph Gersen
Edith Laget
Snorre Wik

ANC 5E09
Richard Maze
Carlos Bell
Kenneth Kriese
Rory Nealon
Michael Mendelson
robert hardison
Mitch Hoban
Jacquelyn Bengfort

ANC 5E10
Michelle Herber
Heidi Obermeyer
Sally Hobaugh
Pablo Lopez

Friends of 5E
David Korkoian
Kei Tolliver
Marcus Moreno
Steven Marcus
Francesca Blanco
Alex Lopez
Mollie Bates
Dana Yanocha
Terry Thiele
David Gooze