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Letter Requesting North Capitol Redesign Concept Study in DC FY22 Budget

February 18, 2021 Mayor Bowser, Councilmember McDuffie, Councilmember Allen, Councilmember Cheh, Interim Director Lott, and Director Trueblood: We, the undersigned Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, community associations, churches, business and individuals, are writing to ask you to fund a concept study for the redesign of North Capitol Street between Massachusetts and Michigan Avenues in the FY 2022 budget. The current design of this corridor falls far short of its historic status and enormous potential and fails to meet the Mayor’s commitment to Vision Zero.
3 Minutes Feb 18, 2021 548 Words

New Library Envisioned for Eckington/Edgewood

A DC Public Library report released last week) recommended building a new facility somewhere in the Eckington/Edgewood neighborhoods – an area they identify as a Tier 1 gap in the network. Adding a library here would be a major boon for our communities. More than just books, the library’s resources, programming, and physical space provide substantial opportunities for students, families, seniors, job-seekers, and more. Even better, the library’s report outlined two additional goals to maximize the impact of this project:
1 Minutes Nov 25, 2020 172 Words

2020 Ward 5 ANC Endorsements

This year Ward 5 for All reached out to every ANC candidate running in our Ward (using the publicly-available emails they provided on their BOE paperwork) to ask a series of questions related to housing, transportation, local business and safety. We are extremely grateful to the 20 candidates who took the time to complete the questionnaire. You can download their full responses here. Download Based on those responses, as well as other available information about the candidates, we are excited to endorse the following candidates in contested races:
2 Minutes Oct 6, 2020 214 Words

Bloomingdale’s traffic calming plan gets some new updates

This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington Some additional traffic calming measures are in the works on First Street NW, including adding striping to the bump-outs and new higher-visibility LED stop signs. However, flex posts from all but one side side street have been removed. When the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) installed traffic-calming curb extensions on First Street NW this February, it was the culmination of over six years of advocacy from Bloomingdale neighbors.
3 Minutes Aug 20, 2020 521 Words

A fatal hit-and-run takes North Capitol death count to eight in two years

This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington On Sunday, May 31st, a driver speeding down North Capitol Street struck another vehicle, then fled the scene on foot. Despite heroic rescue efforts from neighbors who helped suppress the resultant fire and pull the two victims from their car, neither ultimately survived. One victim was Donald Malloy, 81, of Temple Hills, Maryland, while the other has not yet been identified. The driver was subsequently found, arrested, and charged with second-degree murder the following day.
1 Minutes Jun 10, 2020 212 Words

A new rendering of the Dave Thomas Circle redesign suggests an important bike lane extension

This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington Last year, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) made important progress on the pending redesign of the dangerous intersection of Florida and New York avenues NE, colloquially known as “Dave Thomas Circle.” After a series of updates since then, it appears that the agency’s most recent plan is even more aligned with advocates’ vision of a safe intersection for pedestrians and cyclists.
3 Minutes Jun 8, 2020 620 Words

An ANC objects to slowing down cars on Florida Avenue because of 9/11

Florida Avenue NW at Rhode Island NW in DC by the author. This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington In response to a neighboring Advisory Neighborhood Commission’s request for a street safety study on Florida Avenue NW, ANC 5E, voted to send a letter to DDOT opposing any result of that study that might cut lanes in order to keep enough space on the road for drivers attempting to flee the city during an emergency like 9/11.
6 Minutes May 14, 2020 1079 Words

More safety upgrades are needed along a deadly section of North Capitol Street

This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington Just three days into 2020 two pedestrians were killed by drivers, one was struck and killed on Pennsylvania Avenue SE, and two days later another person was killed on North Capitol Street NW, in the Truxton Circle neighborhood. It was a grim reminder of how far away we are from the reality of Vision Zero. What’s worse, the tragedy on North Capitol Street was the sixth pedestrian death on the corridor in just eighteen months.
4 Minutes Mar 16, 2020 696 Words

Unpacking the arguments against a traffic-calming plan for Bloomingdale

This post was also published on Greater Greater Washington After more than six years in waiting, the District Department of Transportation last fall made good on its commitment to bring traffic-calming measures to First St NW in Bloomingdale. The agency completed the first phase of its work in the last few weeks when it finished installing flexible posts in the street at each of the nine planned intersections along the corridor.
5 Minutes Feb 18, 2020 1028 Words

160+ Neighbors Sign Petition Supporting Bikeshare Station at N. Capitol and R St NE

Over 160 neighbors signed a petition in support of a new Capital Bikeshare station in Eckington at the SE corner of North Capitol St and R St NE. The petition came in response to the announcement of a letter of opposition to the station from ANC 5E04 Commissioner Sylvia Pinkney (but before the text of the letter was public). The petition includes the following statement of support for the location:
3 Minutes Jun 20, 2019 507 Words