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Petition: Add Bus/Emergency Vehicle Lanes to Florida Ave

1 Minutes Aug 12, 2023 197 Words

Excitingly, DDOT has put this street on their bus priority map, and is at the beginning stages of a project to improve bus service on this corridorBut there’s a growing concern the agency may shy away from the best solution, 24/7 bus lanes, out of fear of driver backlash. This corridor is too important for half-measures that neither fully solve the problem, nor appease critics.

Tell DDOT: Don’t compromise on safety and service. Implement 24/7 bus lanes on Florida Avenue.

Dedicated bus lanes on Florida in particular come with a bonus benefit. Connecting the city to five hospitals, Florida serves a very high number of emergency vehicles both on their way to respond to crises, and to bring patients in critical condition back to life-saving care. Right now those vehicles have to navigate through snarled traffic, slowing their response times and putting lives at stake. Dedicated bus lanes would serve double duty as emergency vehicle lanes, increasing crucial response times.

Sign the petition: Dedicated bus/emergency vehicle lanes can save lives on Florida Avenue.

ANC commissioners across the corridor are organizing around this same ask, let’s show DDOT that neighbors at large are united in our demands.